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Rousse Regional Museum of History

“Al. Battenberg” Square 3, BG-7000 Rousse, Bulgaria

Photo: The Museum of History in Ruse, Bulgaria © RRMH/I. Velikov

The Rousse Regional Museum of History operates in all fields of archeology, history, ethnography and natural history in the region of Northeastern Bulgaria. The institution manages 9 museum sites, including a World Heritage Site, and possesses over 180,000 artefacts in its patrimony.

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of History is located within one of the fine examples of Neoclassical architecture in the country. The artefacts on display present the archeological heritage of the area from Prehistory to the Late Middle Ages. The site is venue for large number of public events through the year, addressing various groups of visitors.

The Roman fort of Sexaginta Prista is an open-air archeological museum in the center of the town of Ruse. Along with the archaeological remains of fortifications and military buildings, the site also has a small museum hall, where the story for the past of our town is narrated through artefacts. The Roman fort is also a site for an annual reenactment festival where the heritage of the Iron Age and the Roman period in our area is brought to live.

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