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Municipality of Herbertingen
Holzgasse 6, 88518 Herbertingen , Germany

Residing on a three-hectare mountain spur overlooking the Danube the Heuneburg rises - the oldest city north of the Alps. The settlement, probably already mentioned by Herodotus as "Pyrene", is one of the best-researched archaeological sites of the European Iron Age.

Thanks to its location, it became an important and powerful centre for trade in the 6th century BC. The Plateau was covered by a tight network of living and working quarters and surrounded by a mudbrick fortification wall. Nearby an outer bailey including the mighty stone gate was built and a 100-hectare outer settlement formed. The inhabitants of the city had extensive trade contacts as far as southern Italy and Marseille.


The replica of the surrounding wall, which was built based after Mediterranean examples, is still impressive today. The completely white plastered mud brick wall must have been visible from afar. The ensemble of gatehouse, wall and ditch, which formed the entrance to the outer bailey, was unique in the entire northern Alpine region at the time.

The surroundings of the Heuneburg form a Celtic natural and cultural landscape that can be explored on a hike or by bike. Ongoing archaeological excavations always provide new and exciting insights.


This important European archaeological site presents itself through various authentically furnished reconstructions and allows the guest to immerse himself in the Celtic era through guided tours and events. The view over the renatured Danube offers a wonderful natural backdrop.

The site is managed by the Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg.

Schlossraum 22a, D-76646 Bruchsal, Germany

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